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Simple Linear Regression

The Linear regression is a statistical process which tempts to model, through the straight line equation, the relationship between two variables, one dependent and another called explanatory or independent. The equation is: Y = mx + b , where: "m" is the slope of the straight line, and "b", the point where the line cuts the Y axis .
In the Simple Linear Regression, the independent variables are used to predict the results of another, usually called Y. However, for the Multiple linear regressions, is used more than one independent variable.
Enter the data as requested, without Blank lines, the inconsistent data produces false result.
Use the point as decimal separator. Ex. For the number 98,372.42, enter 98372.42 .
The results will be displayed automatically by clicking on "Calculate".

                Simple Linear Regression             
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Note: This calculator has only educational purposes. The accuracy and their applicability to particular cases is not guaranteed.

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