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Body Surface Area (BSA)

The Body Surface Area (BSA) is a method for estimating the area of the human body based on height and weight.
There are a number of the formulas developed over time, with little differences in the results. The two most frequently used are: Mosteller and Du Bois. However, since the calculation results of all the formulas are very close, the Mosteller formula is simpler to calculate.
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Enter data: weight in kilograms and height in centimeters, using the point as decimal separator. Ex 2,150.30 enter: 2150.30; The results are automatically displayed after clicking on "Calculate".

Body Surface Area (BSA
Number of decimals:
Weight (kg):
Height (cm):
Du Bois:
Gehan and George:
Schlich (for men):
Schlich (for Women):

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