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Balance Sheet Analisys

The balance sheet analysis is important for the entrepreneur as a means to monitor the progress of your business. For the banks and suppliers it is a means of evaluating credit and for investors, an investment evaluation process.
This tool allows you to analyze the evolution of main financial indicators obtained from the balance sheet and income statement of your company.
As a quick alternative, you can analyze a company with a different approach, as the calculation of financial ratios by the DuPont analysis.
Prepare a worksheet to reclassify the balance sheet accounts in order to make it comparable.
Enter the data of financial statements in the first two columns without any decimal or hundred separator, the Indexes will be automatically displayed after the click on "Calculate".

Company name:
Figures in thousands
Balance sheet and Income statement INDEXES
Priod end Period end
Asset Liquidity ratios
Cash & Equiv Net W Capital
Receivables Current ratio
Inventory Quick ratio
Other curr asset Activity ratios
No-current asset Collection days
Fixed asset (net) Day's inventory
Total asset Asset turnover
Liability Debt ratios
Short-term bank Liability / Asset
Acc payable Leverage
Other curr liab Profitability ratios
No-curr liab Gross margin
Total Liability Op margin
Net worth Net margin
Liab & N Worth R O I
Income statement R O E
Net Sales Input OK / NO
General exp
Fin exp (net)
Income tax
No-Op exp
No-Op Income
Net income

Note: This calculator has only educational purposes. The accuracy and their applicability to particular cases is not guaranteed.

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