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Dupont Analysis

This tool allows the analysis of profitability of the company through the various components that are part of the calculation. Thus analyzing each party can understand the reasons why we found the rate of return on equity in a given period.
Financial formulas;
Net Sales Margin = Net Income / Net sales;
Asset Turnover = Net sales / Assets;
Return on investment (ROI) = Net income / Total Asset).
ROE = (Net income) / Common Equity).
From the DuPont analysis, we conclude, in short, that a company can get high return on equity, as follows: increasing the profit margin, using assets more efficiently, and last, a high financial leverage.
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To insert data from balance sheets, first of all, prepare a worksheet. Don't use any hundreds separator. Ex 2,533 enter: 2533; the results will be shown automatically, displayed after the click on "Calculate".

Dupont Analysis
Company name:  
Period end:    
Amount in: Thousands  
Net sales  
Cost of sales Net income  
Net margin  
Oper expenses Net sales  
Financial exp (net)  
Income tax   Ret on investment  
Current assets Net sales  
Asset turnover  
Non-curr assets Total asset  
Fixed asset(net)   Return on equity
Current liabilities Total liabilities  
Non-current liab Net worth Total asset  
Equity Multiplier  
Net worth   Net worth  

Note: This calculator has only educational purposes. The accuracy and their applicability to particular cases is not guaranteed.

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