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Cooking units converter

Enter in a unit to convert to the other. Use the point as decimal separator. Ex. For the number 25,152.47 enter 25152.47; the results are displayed automatically.

Cooking units converter
Metric system
cup [metric]
Tablespoons (metric)
Teaspoon [metric]
cubic centimeter (cm3) 
cubic millimeter (mm3)
British / American system
Tablespoon [UK]
Tablespoon [US]
Teaspoon [UK]
Teaspoon [US]
cup [UK]
cup [US] (c)
coffee spoon
pinch (pn)
fluid ounce-UK(fl oz)
fluid ounce-US-(fl oz)
pint [UK] ]
pint [US, liquid]
gallon [UK]
gallon [US, liquid])
quart [UK])
quart [US, liquid)

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