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Weight units converter

Enter in a unit to convert to the other. Use the point as decimal separator. Ex. If the number is 25,152.47 enter as 25152.47; The results are displayed automatically.
The avoirdupois system (International) is a non-decimal measurement of the mass, which is used as measurement units, the multiples or fractions of a pound. One pound (avdp) corresponds to the international metric system (SI) to the 0.45359237 kilograms.
The Troy system is used to precious metals. Troy pound (lb t) is equal in the international metric system to the 0.37324172 kilograms.

Weight units converter
Metric system
kilogram (kg):
ton (t):
gram (g):
centigram (cg):
miligram (mg):
carat (ct):
 Avoirdupois system
libra (pound avdp):
ounce (oz avdp):
short ton:
long ton:
hundredweight (short cwt):
hundredweight (gross cwt)
Troy system
libra [pond](lb t):
ounce troy (oz t):
pennyweight (dwt):
grain (gr t):
carat (ct t):

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