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Speed and velocity units converter

Enter a unit of measurement to convert to another. Use the point as decimal separator. Ex. If the number is 25,152.47, enter as 25152.47.
The results are automatically displayed.

Speed & velocity converter
Metric System
meter/second (m/s)
kilometer/second (km/s)
meter/minute (m/min)
kilometer/minute (km/min)
meter/hour (m/h)
kilometer/hour (km/h)
British / American System
foot/second (fps)
yard/second (yps)
foot/minute (fpm))
yard/minute (ypm)
foot/hour (fph)
yard/h (yph)
mile/second (mps)
knot Nautica(kn)
mile/minute (mpm)
knot-UK (knt)
mile/hour (mph)
Mach (SI standard)

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