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Volume units converter

Enter in a unit to convert to the other. Use the point as decimal separator. Ex. If the number is 25,152.47 enter as 25152.47; The results are displayed automatically.

Volume units converter
Metric System
cubic meter (m3):
cubic millimeter (mm3)
cubic centimeter (cm3):
cubic decimeter (dm3):
liter (l):
milliliter (ml):
centiliter (cl):
deciliter (dl):
dekaliter (dal):
hectoliter (hl):
British / American System
cubic inch (in3):
cubic foot (ft3):
cubic yard (yd3):
fluid ounce-US (fl oz):
fluid ounce-UK (fl oz):
pint (US)liq (pt):
pint (UK) (pt):
pint-US dry (pt):
gallon-US (liq):
gallon-UK (gal):
barrel-US (liq):
barrel-US (petroleum):
bushel-US-dry (bu):
bushel-UK (bu):
quart-US-dry (qt):
quart-UK (qt):
quart-US-liq (qt):
quart-UK-liq (qt):

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