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A cube is a three-dimensional solid figure to six identical square faces.
Elements of cube:
  • Face: parallelogram with four equal sides.
  • Base: horizontal face.
  • Total surface: sum of the six face areas.
  • Lateral surface: sum of the four face areas.
  • Space diagonal: the segments line, joining two opposite vertices, not belonging to the same face. Also called cube diagonal
  • Face diagonal: the segments line, joining two opposite corners of the same face.
Enter data using the point as a decimal separator. Ex 3,750.17 enter: 3750.17; The results will be shown after a click on Calculate.


Decimal places:
Total surface:
Lateral surface:
Area of the bases:
Face diagonal:
Space diagonal:
Radius inscribed sphera:
Radius circunscribed sphere:
Volume inscribed sphera:
Volume circunscribed sphere:

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