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Trapezium in the USA or, trapezoid in the UK is a four-sided plane figure that has only one pair of-parallel straight line segments .
The sum of the internal angles, as well as the exterior angle is always equal to 360 degrees;
The non-parallel sides of the trapezium are called simply sides or legs, while, the two parallel straight line segments are called the bases. Every trapezoid has two bases
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To calculate the elements of a trapezoid, enter data as requested. Use the point as a decimal separator. Ex 1,300.32 enter: 1300.32; The results will be shown after a click on Calculate.


Decimal places:
Short base:
Long base:
Left side:
Right Side:
Diagonal A C:
Diagonal B D:
Angle A:
Angle B:
Angle C:
Angle D:

Note: The accuracy of the calculator and its applicability to particular cases is not guaranteed.

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