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The parabola is a plane curved figure, where a set of points, on the curve, is equidistant from a fixed point called focus, and to a fixed straight line called the directrix.
The parabola is represented, algebraically, by the Standard Form: y = a x2+bx +c.
Parabola elements:
Vertex: midpoint between the focus and the directrix;
Focus: fixed point F;
Focal parameter: distance between the focus and the directrix;
Directrix: fixed straight line;
Axis of simmetry: perpendicular line to the directrix passing through the focus.
To calculate the elements of a parabola, given the standard form, enter: a, b and c, using the point as a decimal separator. Example: 1350.38; the results will be shown after a click on Calculate.

Decimal places:
Vertex X:
Vertex Y:
Focus X:
Focus Y:
Intercept x1:
Intercept x2:

Note:The accuracy of the calculator and its applicability to particular cases is not guaranteed.

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